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  • 21 Oct, 20:36
    E-Learning Administrator
    Phase I go live on 1/Nov/2009 more...
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Mindray University, is our company training system for our products, including clinical application, products & features, technical service and our company process

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Mindray University
Welcome to the Mindray University E-Learning, started from 1/Nov/2009 we will be offering pre-request class to customer who need to attend our classroom technical training, all classroom training application after 1/Dec/2009 will require to be certified on the related product PSA online class, the PSA class aims for making sure all customer have the basic require knowledge before attending our class, so during the classroom training will provide more hands on and fault simulation and making sure during your class time will run as schedule to cover all target objective, making sure you will be one of the best profession to perform you job and help your business to thrives